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Children's Drawings

Provide your staff the opportunity to enjoy being creative with the children without having to take lead and take advantage of the time to make developmental assessments of your children.
Let Rhythmicality bring our passion to learning and music to your setting. Through the use of our Mascot Teddy Bear we will introduce a new theme each session and our instruments, movement and messy play activity.
Songs, old and new are sung to support speech and language development the children participate in action songs to develop co-ordination; listening and social skills are developed and improve skills to follow directions, as the children explore the individual instruments and a variety of props are used to stimulate their imagination and messy play enables them to respond creatively.

Classes are 30-45 minutes long and are delivered by a qualified educator. Each session is carefully planned and delivered to meet the aims of the EYFS and will meet the needs of all your children.

Kids Playing

All instruments and props are provided so that every child can learn to play percussion instruments and develop Rhythm, pitch and tune during every session. There are sets of each instrument for up to 20 children.

Classes can be tailor-made for the individual settings and include themes such as — Transport, Safety, Colours, Numbers, Animals, Our Seasons (Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring), Growing…….

Pupils use puppets, parachutes, scarves and other props to develop imaginations.

Parents appreciate settings offering outside provision and it is a great way to communicate with parents


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